Lake Garda Mysteries Introductory Anthology: Volumes 1, 2, 3

Volume 1 of the Lake Garda Mysteries. 

The Lost Lady of Limone tells of a modern-day amateur detective who solves a difficult case in Italy. Set in the beautiful town of Limone, our heroine is a 19-year-old girl, Kim. She is employed as a holiday representative, a job she loves but at which she is woefully inexperienced. Presented with an unexpected mystery, she sets herself to solve the challenge with gusto. 

Volume 2. 

Set in Italy in the beautiful Lake Garda town of Malcesine. Amateur sleuth Kim is asked by the Carabinieri to assist in solving an intractably difficult crime. She must infiltrate her way into a large group of suspects, attempting to collect incriminating information while preventing the culprit from discovering her purpose. She has some great fun and a morsel of romance. 

Volume 3. 

Set in the beautiful Lake Garda town of Riva. Amateur sleuth Kim and Svetlana have a great day at the Regatta, but later, Svetlana gets into serious trouble. Only Kim can come to her rescue and using her best detection skills and considerable feminine intuition is able to prove Svetlana’s innocence. She must call upon all of her deductive faculties and persevere when all seems hopeless.